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Hey, you can call me Fritz. I'm a 21 year-old graphic design student currently living in upstate New York. I'm also a gamer, cosplayer, MTG Vorthos, and card alterist. Don't be afraid to say hi!


Brago won his first game handily. And now I draft Conspiracy.

I built an angry GR deck utilizing Exploration, Sulfuric Vortex, and some Deathforge Shaman. It’s fun. Very fast and angry.

Brago won his first game handily. And now I draft Conspiracy.

#the champion of kirkwall

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final fantasy xiii + space

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  • Favorite Ship
  • Favorite Friendship
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  • Worst Character Death (if any)
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men are only good for one thing. women are good for six.

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Red fan art for Supergiant Games’s Transistor. 8)

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I found you because you reblogged some dragon age thing I posted. I kept following you for that and magic.
fritztheawesome fritztheawesome Said:

Dragon Age and Magic are two of the great loves of my life, so I’m sure this will be a mutually beneficial relationship.